Dentists Accountants

Accounts & Tax Services for Dental Associates & Hygienists

Registration and record keeping

We will help you

  • Register for IncomeTax and National Insurance and organise your records
  • Comply with tax office stringent rules on record keeping and avoid up to £3,000 in penalties
  • Supply a simple and easy to use spreadsheet prepared by our dental accounting experts for you to record your business Income and expenditure
  • With a detailed help sheet to explain what expenses are tax deductible and how to use the spreadsheet
  • To avoid key in data unnecessarily and save time with electronic banking

Self assessed tax return - A personalised service

  • We will remind you your key filing dates to ensure you do not suffer late filing penalties
  • We will work out what taxes are payable in good time to help budget your liability and avoid interest on tax paid late
  • A personalised tax return information check list is sent to assist you collate tax return data
  • We use fully integrated software which populates accounts data on to the personal tax return to save time and avoid key in errors
  • We will reduce your tax liability by maximising tax allowances and reliefs
  • We file all the returns on line and our specialist software maintains a log of the returns successfully submitted with the tax office gateway

Tax investigations service

  • HM Revenue & Customs do make random enquiries into tax payers affairs.
  • We fully understand dental practice and associate accounts and our experts will deal with any tax enquiries promptly to make this as stress free as possible

National Insurance Contributions for the self employed (2009/2010)

  • You are required to pay class 2 NI Contributions which build up towards your retirement at £2.65pw. with a small earnings exemption of £5,595 p.a.
  • Class 4 NI Contributions are also payable based on profits at a rate of 9% between £7,605 and £42,475 p.a. plus 2% over this.

So what would be the take home earnings after tax and Nl contributions with net profit of say £84,000?

  • If you do not make any pension contributions for the tax year 2012/2013 (i.e. y/e 5 April 2013) this will be £56,409.40 - just over £4,700 per month.
  • What is important is what you keep, not just what you earn and with pension contributions we will increase the amount you keep.

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